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Is the rabbit sick?

October 8, 2019

A distinctive feature of all hares is that they look almost healthy even with a serious illness. That is the merit of natural selection. Predators immediately chose sick animals as their prey. After observing a sick rabbit, you can only notice his slightly greater lethargy. Usually, just before the animal leaves for another world, when you can’t help your pet anymore, looking at it you can suspect something was amiss.
Then, how to understand that the rabbit got sick. The following things should be noted.

Is the rabbit sick?


In a calm environment, the rabbit breathing rate is 50-60 breaths per minute.
Just watch your pet breathe when he is calm and healthy. Now you will have something to compare.
If the rabbit just began to breathe more often, then this can be caused by stress or fear.
The rabbit’s hoarse and labored breathing is a reason to beware, to carefully watch the pet.
If breathing is heavy, lips and tongue appear bluish, then the rabbit lacks oxygen, which means the situation is serious. Go to the vet as soon as possible.


Does the rabbit have diarrhea? Do not confuse it with the isolation of cecotrophs. If a pet maintains vivacity and mobility, in general, behaves as usual, then watch him throughout the day. Maybe it’s okay. If the stool is liquid or jelly-like, it’s time to start worrying. Try to remember if the rabbit was frightened of what, did you give him something new to eat, for example, some treat. Was there a way for a pet to eat something wrong? After all, they gnaw everything. Did the rabbit have enough hay? If the rabbit has diarrhea (this is especially dangerous), then is it not too early for him to be excommunicated. In most cases, diarrhea can be treated independently if it was possible to identify its cause.

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If the rabbits hurt, they practically do not move. They grit their teeth, sitting hunched over and half-closing their eyes. Most often, their stomach hurts. See if the rabbit has diarrhea.


The rabbit shifts from foot to foot. This is a sign of corns. Carefully inspect the pet’s paws.

Faster to the vet

If the rabbit sits in the corner, it does not react to what is happening around (even the fact that you took it in your hands), and the ears of the animal are cold. This is most likely either shock, or sepsis, or the last stage of dehydration. Take your pet to the vet faster.

Faster to the vet

It’s good if you can measure the temperature in rabbits. The temperature is considered to be normal 38.3 C. 39.5 C. If it is slightly increased 39.9 C, then most likely he is just a little scared. If the temperature exceeds 40.5C, go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Temperatures below 38.1 C are usually even more dangerous. May indicate shock or the final stage of a systematic infection.

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