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Diarrhea in a decorative rabbit what to do

September 16, 2019

Diarrhea in a decorative rabbit what to do

Diarrhea in a decorative rabbit what to do

Many rabbit owners write or call: help my decorative rabbit have diarrhea, what should I do? Most often, decorative rabbits, especially rabbits, die due to diarrhea. In this article I will try to briefly explain the common causes of diarrhea and simple treatment.

Diarrhea in a decorative rabbit what to do

Owners who have recently purchased a decorative rabbit often do not know anything about proper feeding, which results in such a sad result. Consider the main causes of diarrhea in decorative rabbits:

  • improper feeding
  • improper feed
  • mixed feed change
  • a lot of juicy feed
  • juicy feed rabbits up to 3 months. not allowed
  • cabbage, beets
  • grass or vegetables, fruits with water
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases, worms, infection

In the first outline, you need to determine the cause of diarrhea and remove it. Remove all succulent feed, if it was a change of feed, return to the old feed. During diarrhea, it is generally better to leave only hay, the rest is temporarily removed from the rabbit’s diet. Next, you need to wash the rabbit so that he himself does not try to cleanse himself and lick it all. With diarrhea in decorative rabbits, the medicine helps well: Pro-Kolin Prokolin (probiotic), give according to the instructions based on the weight of the rabbit 2-3 times a day. Usually enough 1-2 days of treatment. Unless of course it’s all not too neglected.

If the treatment does not help, it is better not to pull and consult a veterinarian, ratologist. Veterinarian for rodents and rabbits. Unfortunately, good rabbit veterinarians are not enough and finding good ones is not so simple.

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