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Diseases of rabbits and their treatment

August 15, 2019
Diseases of rabbits and their treatment

Any disease is easier to prevent. That is why the prevention of rabbit diseases is so important. Before each stint or transplant, animals are thoroughly disinfected. Once a week, feeders, drinking bowls and nurseries are treated. Before each mating, all animals are carefully inspected.

Rabbit Eye Disease

For an animal, the eyes are one of the most important organs. Rabbits have color vision, they see well in the dark. And due to the structural features of the eye, they also see well with lateral vision. There are several rabbit eye diseases that are common among these pets:

  • conjunctivitis. The disease can occur due to irritation of the eye with sawdust or hay. It happens that conjunctivitis is the result of an infectious disease, a manifestation of an allergy, or a blockage of the nasolacrimal canal. The rabbit has lacrimation, redness or clumping of the eye, purulent discharge. In this case, the specialist must determine the cause of the disease. In case of infection, drops with antibiotics are prescribed, which are picked up after passing the tests;
  • keratitis. Very often, this disease occurs with the appearance of conjunctivitis. In addition, keratitis is caused by eye injuries, eyelid inversion, and under moisturization after anesthesia. The animal has narrowed eyes, photophobia, turbidity, there may be purulent discharge. The veterinarian prescribes anti-inflammatory ointments or drops, corneal protectors and preparations to restore the cornea;
  • corneal ulcer. Occurs with a corneal injury or chronic erosion. As a result, tissue necrosis is formed with the formation of a defect. To determine the eye disease in a rabbit of this kind, experts conduct several tests and then prescribe treatment. At the same time, the dead film is removed, further treatment is carried out using antibiotics, ointments for healing and anesthesia.
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Rabbit Ear Disease

Most often, specialists encounter scabies or psoroptosis of the ears. A rabbit’s ear disease occurs when a tick comes into contact with the skin. The internal areas of the animal’s ears, the external auditory canals and the auricle are usually affected. On the ears you will notice gray-brown crusts or scabs, and the rabbit itself often scratches the ears. The animal can rub against objects in the cage or shake its head. To determine the diagnosis, scraping is taken. The treatment is carried out using oil-based ointments. Often prescribed dioderin aerosol foams. You can treat the site of infection with turpentine or a mixture of turpentine and oil. With severe frosts, be sure to warm the cage and transfer it to a warm place. Swelling on the ears indicates frostbite, which should be rubbed and spread with melted fat.

Rabbit Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases of rabbits are more dangerous and their treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a veterinarian. Myxomatosis is considered one of the most common diseases of rabbits of this type. Often the disease ends in the death of the animal. It proceeds in two forms. With a nodular form in an animal, pea-sized tumors appear on the body, an edematous form gives a continuous tumor throughout the body. As a rule, this dangerous disease of domestic rabbits affects the nose, eyelids and ears of an animal. Often a tumor occurs on the legs, genitals and in the anus. The ears are down, the eyes are sore, if the edematous form, then the appearance of the animal becomes ugly. Unfortunately, such diseases are one of the most severe in rabbits and their treatment does not make sense. The body of the animal is burned, and healthy virus carriers are eliminated to prevent an epidemic. All cages and clothes of the breeder are carefully treated with special preparations.

Diseases of rabbits and their treatment

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