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Do rabbits need rabies vaccination?

August 10, 2019

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus of the same name that can enter the bloodstream when bitten by an infected animal. The disease progresses rapidly, affecting the nervous system. Death usually occurs within a few days. Whether rabbits have rabies is an issue that interests animal breeders, because this ailment is a danger to humans. From this article, readers will find out if their eared pet can become infected with the rabies virus.

Rabbit rabies

What is rabies?

Rabies is an insidious disease. The causative agent of Neuroiyctes rabid penetrates the central nervous system of the animal. the brain and spinal cord and causes degenerative changes in cells, hemorrhages, and edema. The incubation period of the disease can be different. from several days to several weeks and even months. After a bite, before the first manifestations of the disease, the animal is already dangerous for others: the virus is contained in its saliva. This disease is not treatable, it can only be prevented with vaccination..

Do rabbits get rabies?

Rabies virus can infect humans and any animal, including rabbit. For infection to occur, the infection must enter the animal’s blood. The disease spreads through the bite of a sick animal: dogs, cats, wild animals. Even a bat can become a source of infection. Rabies virus is present in the saliva of a sick individual. When bitten, a small amount of saliva enters the wound and infection occurs. From this moment nothing can be done, the countdown to death begins.

Rabbits rarely get rabies because they are not attacked by wild animals and stray dogs. Eared pets are kept in cages that protect them from contact with sick animals. But in rare cases, infection is still possible, for example, if rabbits are allowed to walk in the yard. It is possible that there will be a stray dog ​​or a sick cat nearby, which will inflict a fatal bite.

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Attention! If a rabbit is bitten by an unknown animal or bat, it is better to immediately put it in a separate cage and watch it. Perhaps he is infected with a dangerous disease. If so, infection will become apparent after a certain time.

How to recognize rabies virus?

Symptoms of the disease can occur several days or weeks after the bite of an animal infected with the Neuroiyctes rabid virus. There are 3 stages of rabies, each of which has different characteristics.

The first stage, prodromal, lasts from 1 to 3 days. At first, you may notice some strange behavior in the pet. His taste preferences are changing. he eats what he previously refused. The mood of the animal is also alarming. periods of complete apathy are replaced by attacks of excitement. A sick rabbit injures himself with his teeth, and then licks the bite.

The rabbit licks the bite site

Do rabbits need rabies vaccination?

The second phase of the disease is called the stage of arousal.. It lasts from 2 to 4 days. Now the virus completely captures the animal’s nervous system, which makes the rabbit poorly oriented in space and becomes excessively aggressive. Previously, a quiet pet is able to attack the owner and bite him. A sick rabbit loses his appetite: he cannot eat or drink due to a spasm of the larynx. At the sight of water the animal is very worried. That is why rabies has a second name. rabies. During attacks of aggression, the pet rushes about in the cage, finding no place for itself, growls, makes heart-rending sounds. Saliva begins to liberate profusely from the mouth. Some animals are afraid of the wind; others are uncomfortable with a bright light.

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At the final stage of rabies, bouts of agitation and aggression are less common.. The rabbit is breathing heavily and is almost always apathetic. He does not eat or drink at all. As a result of paralysis of the larynx, the animal falls into a coma. Death comes.
The carcass of a rabbit who has died of rabies is burned.

Attention! If the rabbit behaves inappropriately, shows aggression, you should stay away from him. In case of a bite before blood, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Infection prevention

Rabies vaccination against rabies is a mandatory measure because the disease is contagious and fatal to humans. Vaccinations are given to rabbits after weaning from the mother. Every farm should have a clear schedule for vaccinating animals. Vaccinate against dangerous infections for all rabbits that have been dewormed. The main requirement. the pet must be absolutely healthy at the time of administration of the vaccine.

Any of the following symptoms are grounds for delaying vaccination:

  • increase in body temperature in a rabbit to 39.5 degrees;
  • loss of appetite;
  • apathy;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • discharge from the eyes or nose;
  • sneezing.

Protecting pets from infection is easier than those living on the farm. The owner of the rabbit stock should prevent his animals from contacting wild animals that pose a potential threat. Rabbits should be kept in strong cages with frequent trellises, which will become reliable protection against stray dogs and other dangerous animals.

In areas where a high percentage of rabies infection has been identified, vaccination is becoming a mandatory measure to prevent the disease, not only for animals, but also for people. It should be remembered that rabies is not treated, and death from it occurs in a matter of days. If a person suffered from a bite of a rabbit, whose behavior suddenly changed dramatically, while the pet was not vaccinated against rabies, you should immediately inform your doctor. While rabbit symptoms have not manifested in rabbits, you can resort to vaccination, which is carried out in 5 stages.

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