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How and how to remove fleas in a rabbit

August 14, 2019

Fleas are tiny blood-sucking insects that cause a lot of trouble and trouble to the animals in which they start. Many people think that this misfortune is only for cats and dogs. Not everyone knows whether rabbits have fleas. However, parasites can attack any mammal that has hair. Domestic or decorative rabbits are no exception. Pests not only cause discomfort to a small charming animal, but also can infect it with various diseases. Therefore, each owner of a furry pet needs to know how to get fleas from a rabbit.

Insect features

Before talking about methods of controlling the parasite, you need to know what the pest looks like. A flea is a small insect, up to 5 mm thick, whose dark brown or black body is compressed laterally. The bristles located on it help to strengthen the bloodsucker in the animal’s hair. The crests located on the chest and head of the parasite also perform a similar function. The abdomen can grow, as a result of which it can hold up to 10 ml of blood. The flea has no wings, but the presence of 3 pairs of strong and powerful limbs allows the insect to bounce high.

How and how to remove fleas in a rabbit


Varieties of fleas infecting rabbits

Fleas in rabbits can be of two types:

These blood-sucking insects live for more than 3 months. The fertility of parasites is striking: a female is able to lay up to fifty eggs per day. They can be located in completely different places: on the floor, in carpet paths and even in upholstered furniture, in contact with the rabbit’s hair or legs and infecting it.

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What is a flea bite dangerous?

During a bite, an insect introduces saliva into the wound of its victim, intended for blood coagulation. It is at this point that all kinds of infections and diseases can be transmitted. Fleas in a rabbit are very difficult to detect. And if you do not start the fight in a timely manner, then they can multiply at an alarming rate.

Insects lay eggs not only in the rabbit litter, but also throughout the house: in carpets and on furniture. Flea larvae are able to live in the external environment for quite some time. Therefore, owners of furry creatures detect the presence of a pest only after they see insect excrement or wounds that have been baked after a bite.

Signs of the presence of fleas

It is possible to determine that fleas of decorative rabbits are wound up, not only in the veterinary clinic, but also at home. The following symptoms will indicate this:

  1. The animal is tense, it can bite itself and even squeal.
  2. You can even see the bloodsuckers with the naked eye at the withers or spine of a pet.
  3. Presence of eggs, larvae and excrement of the pest in animal fur.
  4. Small red dots on the skin resulting from a flea bite.
  5. Persistent itching and redness on the skin.
  6. With prolonged infection, hair loss may occur.

The presence of these signs indicates infection of the rabbit with parasites. You can examine your pet with a special comb with small teeth. It is necessary to place a fluffy pet on white paper and comb its hair. Little vampires living in the coat of the animal will be very visible against a light background.

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With prolonged infection with pests from blood loss, the rabbit may develop anemia, which can even result in death. Another serious disease that a bloodsucker can “reward” is myxomatosis, the consequences of which are also sad.

How to bring fleas in a rabbit

The most effective flea remedy for rabbits is drops. They can not only be treated, but also used for preventive purposes. The most popular drops are Frontline or Advantage drops. When buying, you should pay attention to packaging. It should have an image of not only a cat, but also a rabbit. To prevent licking of the drug, it is applied in the area of ​​the withers of the animal. To achieve the effect, it is not recommended to bathe the rabbit for 2 days. After 1-2 months, re-treatment should be carried out.

Drops from fleas for rabbits

It is also possible to derive fleas from rabbits at home using antiplash shampoos with an insecticidal effect. The most popular drugs are Neguvon and Bolfo. Before the procedure, you must carefully study the instructions and correctly calculate the dosage.

The product is distributed over the rabbit’s hair with gentle rubbing movements. After 10-15 minutes, the pet is rinsed with clean warm water. Due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes insecticidal components, it must be thoroughly washed off. After 7-10 days, treatment should be repeated.

Insecticidal solutions will also help to remove parasites. For this, you can use bromocyclin. Processing is carried out every 7 days for a month.

Many owners purchase collars for their furry pets as a preventive measure. However, opinions about the use of such a tool differ, due to the fact that the rabbit is able to easily put its paws into it and even cripple. In addition, at such a moment, the probability of an insecticide entering the body is high.

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Preventative measures

The best treatment is to carry out preventive measures against fleas. To prevent the appearance and spread of bloodsuckers not only in the rabbit, but throughout the house, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  • Regular cleaning will help to create unfavorable conditions for the appearance and reproduction of fleas: as often as possible, clean the rabbit’s cage and change its litter.
  • Periodically, you should inspect the pet and take care of its fur.
  • It is also necessary to make sure that no other fleas live in the house.
  • Equally important is the cleaning of the entire room.

Fleas in a rabbit will not appear if you follow these recommendations, as a result of which you can avoid the hassle and problems associated with this. After all, prevention is perhaps the easiest method to control your pet’s health. We should not forget that we are responsible for those who have tamed. If, nevertheless, fleas are found in the pet, it is necessary not only to destroy the parasites from it, but also to process the apartment.

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