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How much does a pregnant rabbit walk

August 30, 2019

One of the benefits of the rabbit breeding business is the very rapid increase in livestock numbers. These animals multiply just instantly. This is due primarily to their early physiological maturity, a short period of pregnancy and the ability to combine the latter with lactation.

The onset of puberty

Rabbits can breed year-round. Their sexual activity slightly decreases only in the autumn. for a short period of time. Early maturity can also be attributed to the undoubted merits of these animals. Their puberty occurs already at the age of 3.5-4 months. Rabbits mate for the first time in 5-6 months, after their body is sufficiently strong. Experienced fur farmers are advised to carry out the first mating not earlier than the time when the female reaches a weight of 3.5 kg. Large breeds usually ripen later, small breeds earlier.

How much does a pregnant rabbit walk

How long does a pregnant rabbit walk before childbirth?

The term of gestation of the young by the female depends primarily on her breed. On average, pregnancy in these animals lasts about 28-35 days. However, in most cases, the uterus carries rabbits for about 31-32 days. It is by this time that it is worthwhile to carefully prepare the animal’s cage. to disinfect it, as well as install additional drinkers and mother liquor.

Large rabbits (giants, rizena, flanders), as a rule, carry cubs longer. In small species (butterflies, ornamental), the gestation period is shorter. In addition to the breed, the duration of pregnancy may also depend on a factor such as the number of embryos. The more of them, the faster the uterus will be born.

The answer to the question of how much the pregnant rabbit walks also indirectly depends on the age of the animal. Many cubs at a time are usually brought only by mature, experienced females. In first-rabbits most often appears no more than 4-6 babies. Therefore, in most cases, their pregnancy lasts longer.

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How to determine pregnancy

So, we found out how much a pregnant rabbit walks. Next, let’s figure out how to determine the very success of a mating. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out whether the uterus is pregnant with accuracy. These animals know how to hide well. However, several methods for determining pregnancy do exist. The simplest technique is the so-called palpation. This procedure is carried out two weeks after mating. In this case, the rabbit is planted on level ground with his head to himself. Then they put the left hand on her back, and carefully groping the stomach with her right. On the edges of the uterus of a pregnant rabbit, you can find small "peas". embryos.

To find out how successful the mating was, you can also simply plant a rabbit on the female. If the uterus does not allow the "gentleman" to her, snarls and drives him through the cage. then, most likely, she is pregnant. Pregnancy can also be determined in this way no earlier than two weeks after mating.

Sometimes farmers find out that there will soon be replenishment in the herd, and for all sorts of indirect signs. Pregnant females most often begin to behave unusually. Large rabbits can become very aggressive, small, on the contrary, shy. Often, pregnant females also become finicky in food.

Mother rabbit rabbit

A special box with an opening for entry should be placed in the cage for the pregnant female. The mother liquor should not be too high. The main thing is that the nest, which the rabbit will subsequently build in it, be closed from prying eyes from all sides. The lid of the box should be hinged. In the future, this will allow to monitor the development of rabbits.

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Pregnancy in rabbits: when is the birth?

The following factors may indicate an early round:

  • The female begins to build a nest from improvised materials.
  • The rabbit is no longer picky about food.

Usually, the day before the fencing, the female begins to pluck the fluff on her chest. And she does this very intensively. before the appearance of bald spots. If a lot of fluff is seen in the cage, it means that most likely the rabbit will have cubs that night.

What to do to the owner?

Own rabbit farm is always certain chores. And especially when the time comes for females to give birth. During this period, the owners of animals should take some actions aimed at preserving the offspring that were born.

The female has a furrow for 5-20 minutes depending on the number of rabbits. In some cases, labor can take up to an hour. During the round, the uterus drinks a lot. Therefore, the drinkers in her cell should be filled to the top.

The young themselves are born naked, blind and completely helpless. Some time after the round, the owner of the animal should put on a rubber glove and check the nest. Detected dead cubs need to be removed.

How rabbits develop

In order for the farm to please its owners with quality products, the conditions for breeding rabbits must be at a level. This is especially true for cubs. Rabbits grow very quickly. After two weeks, they gain in weight almost 5 times. Kids begin to move independently in the third week of life. At this time, the owners of the animals need to disinfect the cell and remove the mother liquor from it.

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Eating from the feeder, along with the rabbit, the cubs also begin at the age of about 3 weeks. At this time, it is desirable to completely exclude beets from the diet of animals, since it is a strong laxative. The rabbit with litter should be given only dried grass.

Keep cubs in a cage with a female for at least two months. The longer the rabbits will be with their mother, the faster they will develop in the future, and the more profitable the rabbit farm will be. A new rabbit case is usually carried out a month after the baby is laid. This is not recommended before. Before a new pregnancy, the female’s body should have a good rest.

How much does a pregnant rabbit walk

Well, we hope that we have answered in sufficient detail the question of how much a pregnant rabbit walks. These animals are hatched by calves for approximately 30 days. Actually, the mating itself is carried out about once every four months. With this breeding technology, you can get up to three litters per year.

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