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How to bring fleas to a domestic rabbit

August 28, 2019

How to bring fleas to a domestic rabbit

Along with the usual cats, dogs, fish and hamsters, decorative rabbits replenish the ranks of pets. Basically, their content is not particularly troublesome.

This is a cute, playful animal that, like a cat or dog, can also become infected with fleas when playing outside, from contact with other animals, etc.

How to identify fleas in a rabbit?

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the infection has occurred precisely (perhaps the cause of “scabies” is mosquito bites or allergies). Make it simple enough. The behavior of the animal changes dramatically, there is nervousness, aggression.

If you push the fur at the withers. a favorite place for the accumulation of fleas. can see black dots. the remains of excrement from fleas, the parasites themselves are also unlikely to go unnoticed, there will be red spots on the skin, traces of combing animal bites.

At this time, if possible, you should limit the contact of the rabbit with young children, if any.

Ways to deal with fleas

At the slightest sign of parasites, immediate action should be taken. Fleas breed very quickly. For their removal there are special shampoos, drops at the withers, almost everything is the same as that used for cats.

Combing insects from the wool is useless. But leave the business as it is impossible.

Flea collar for rabbits

How to bring fleas to a domestic rabbit

It is recommended for an animal that periodically takes walks along the street. The collar serves not only to eliminate fleas, but also as a prophylaxis against parasites. It is recommended to wear it only for a while, be sure to take it off indoors.

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An ideal option would be to remove fleas using any of the drugs, and then use a collar. A distinctive feature of the rabbit from other pets is to bite everything. And if the cat simply cannot reach the collar with its teeth, then the rabbit does it with ease.

The action of the collar is based on the poison with which it is impregnated. Parasites from this poison simply jump out of the animal’s hair and die. A rabbit gnawing a collar can also be poisoned.

Small, fragile rabbits do not have collars at all. They can be used only on adult rodents.

Where to get

Of course, to purchase any of the funds should be in a veterinary pharmacy. But just for rabbits, you are unlikely to be lucky enough to “snatch” something. You can find it only for dogs and cats. Dog medications are not suitable. Only cat fit. And you have to choose from what is offered to kittens. So recommended by veterinarians. Rabbits are softer than other pets.

It may happen that the reaction to the collar will be mixed. The pet will start to jump nervously, fuss, try to pull off itself, or vice versa will become unnaturally apathetic. In this case, it is better not to experiment and remove the collar, and with the veterinarian discuss alternative methods of getting rid of pests.

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