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How to determine a rabbit’s pregnancy

August 3, 2019

How to determine the rabbit’s pregnancy. Duration of pregnancy in a rabbit.

pregnancy (pregnancy) of rabbits lasts from 28 to 34 days, or an average of 30 days. There are cases of intermittent birth, when rabbits are born with an interval of 24 hours, and very rarely repeated births with an interval of 10 days. Multiple litters are more likely to occur with shorter gestation periods: after 29-30 days, an average of 10-11 rabbits are born, after 31-9-10, after 32-8-9, after 33-6-7, after 34-4-5 rabbits. In infertile litters, the okrola usually occurs on the 28-29th day, but sometimes with a small number of rabbits the scatter in the timing of the okroli is significant. With a pregnancy duration of 31 days, rabbits have a live weight of 57 g, 33 days. 60–61 g.

In order to make sure that the rabbit is pregnant, carry out a pregnancy check. A fertilized egg enters the uterus on the fourth day and attaches to the walls of the uterus on the eighth day. 12-15 days after mating, embryos can be probed to determine pregnancy. This is done as follows: the female is planted on a flat surface with her head to the rabbit breeder. With her left hand, she is held in the sacral region, and her right hand is brought under her stomach. If the rabbit is succulent, her uterus is greatly enlarged and filled with fluid. Oval-shaped embryos the size of hazelnuts, elastic, soft to the touch, arranged in a chain on the sides of the back of the abdomen. Germs should be palpated very carefully so as not to cause a miscarriage. Inexperienced rabbit breeders find it difficult to determine the pregnancy of rabbits due to the similarity of the embryo with the stools of feces, so you need to know that the feces are felt as more round and firm.

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If in this way it is established that the rabbit is not pregnant, she should be planted with the male on the same day. Thus, palpation makes it possible to determine the succession in 15-17 days and speed up the coating of rabbit rabbits.

The embryos in the horns of the uterus develop very quickly, so, on the day of probing, they reach a size of 2-2.5 cm in length. Rabbits grow especially intensely in the second half of pregnancy, that is, from the 16th to the 20th day. Until the 20th day, the embryo weighs about 2-3 g, in 25 days. about 21-22 g.

Succulence for a female is an ever-increasing load, requiring maximum stress of the body, as well as a significant expenditure of nutrients on the formation of fruits, membranes and placenta. Good, full-fledged feeding of females at this time contributes to a better development of rabbits. pregnant females need complete rest. You can pick them up only as a last resort, while you should be careful to hold the animal not only by the fold of skin on the neck and withers, but also from below. During pregnancy, keep silence, females do not bother and do not transplant.

The ability to fertilize in rabbits is restored in a day, if there are less than 5 rabbits in the offspring, and after 8-10 days, if more than 5.

How to determine a rabbit’s pregnancy
How to determine a rabbit’s pregnancy

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