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How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit

September 5, 2019

Determining the sex of a rabbit is not an easy task. Without certain knowledge and skills, this is almost impossible to do. And if the issue of gender is for small cubs. even an experienced rabbit breeder can save here.

However, a certain moment often comes when it is absolutely necessary to determine the sex of a rabbit. Such moments include, for example, the purchase of animals for the purpose of further breeding. What you need to know to solve this difficult task and what you should pay attention to first of all. we will talk in this article.

At what age does a rabbit need to know its gender?

We must say right away that it is impossible to find out who the given rabbit is a female or a male, up to three weeks of age. Even experienced rabbit breeders can confidently name the sex of the cub only when he turns two. two and a half months.

If you look, then to know the sex of a rabbit until this time simply is not necessary, because the kids are still very dependent on the rabbit, and selling them to the side is simply unsafe. Therefore, experts do not unreasonably believe that until the time of weaning, the rabbits are rabbits, there is absolutely no need to know their gender. And then they already begin to differ markedly.

Rabbits. primary and secondary sexual characteristics

As in any animal of the mammalian order, rabbits also present both primary and secondary signs of gender. The primary sexual characteristics are considered to be the presence in the animal of the corresponding organs directly related to the reproductive function and participating in the reproduction process. Secondary signs are those associated with the features of appearance, due to which it is possible to visually distinguish the male from the female. In domestic animals such as rabbits, secondary sexual characteristics are very smooth. We can say that they are almost absent, therefore, to recognize females and males only by their appearance is a very difficult task.

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How to determine who is who when buying?

Firstly, it’s worth saying right away that it’s best to buy rabbits from trusted breeders or at specialized breeding farms whose owners have extensive experience in this matter. Such breeders are usually very reverent about their reputation, and will certainly assist you in choosing future pets by gender.

But situations are not excluded when there is no experienced rabbit breeder nearby, and sex must be determined. Then you have to rely only on your own knowledge in this matter. In order not to get into trouble, follow the simple rules of the instructions below:

  • First of all, place the little rabbit on the table or any firm and even surface and firmly grab it by the withers with your right hand;
  • after that, carefully transfer the animal to the “reclining position on the back” position;
  • with your free hand, trying not to cause the rabbit pain, stretch the skin in the area of ​​the genital organs;
  • with the index and thumb on both sides, press on the edges of the stretched area;
  • next to the anus, either the rabbit’s sexual slit or a small round hole, which is a sign of a male, should appear.

Performing the above manipulations, caution should be exercised. Remember that the hind limbs of these animals are very muscular, and if you hurt the rabbit or scare it, it can cause serious damage to you.

Determination of the gender of adults

The older the rabbit, the easier it is to determine its gender. The sequence of actions is the same as the above manipulations. To do this, you can put the animal on your lap, but be sure to fix it well.

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In an adult male, it is enough just to grope testicles, since his penis is hidden with the foreskin.

If this succeeds, further action can be omitted.

How to determine the gender of young and ornamental rabbits?

How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit if they have not yet reached puberty? Unlike adults, whose fully formed reproductive organs cannot be confused, in young cubs these organs do not practically differ from each other during external examination. How to be in this situation?

How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit

In such cases, knowledge of the anatomy of these animals can help you. Acting according to the above instructions, after pressing you will see the genitals of young rabbits, which are not yet sufficiently developed. Carefully look at their location relative to the anus. The distance from the anus to the female sexual gap is approximately two millimeters, and the male genitalia are much further from this opening.

There are frequent cases when a purchased charming female grows up and turns into a very respectable and active male. It happens, of course, and vice versa. Therefore, do not take the seller’s word for it, but use it to independently examine the future pet for its gender.

Indirect signs for determining the sex of rabbits

Such signs usually do not give an unambiguous and accurate answer to this question, but they can be used as additional evidence after examination of the genitals.

How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit

In an adult rabbit on the abdomen, it is usually easy to feel two rows of milk nipples. In terms of size, in most breeds, females are usually larger than males. Croup in males is usually narrower than in females. The rabbit’s head is most often narrower and longer than that of a male of the same breed.

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In fact, when buying a pet for decorative purposes, the floor is not of such paramount importance. Much more important is how the rabbit looks and what the character of the animal is. But with the commercial breeding of rabbits, whether it be the breeding, meat or meat-and-peel direction of rabbit breeding, knowledge of gender comes to the fore. It is gender that often determines the conditions of the animal, the planning of incidents depends on the number of rabbits and rabbits, and so on.

This knowledge is especially important in cases when several animals are contained in one cage. Males, growing up, will start to fight among themselves, male and female in one cage. a sure way to uncontrolled crosses. Therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish the rabbit from the rabbit in time.

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