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How to feed rabbits so that they grow quickly and do not hurt

August 2, 2019

Many people know how healthy rabbit meat is, it is considered dietary. Doctors recommend even rabbit meat for people with very strong allergic reactions. Down and skins are also in great demand and are quite expensive.

Everyone has a different attitude to rabbit breeding. Some believe that this is unprofitable and problematic. Others are happy and say that there is no fuss with rabbits. Everyone can be engaged in breeding rabbits, but only those who like this activity will succeed. In order for rabbits to grow well, they need the love and care of the owners, good and warm cells and naturally proper and varied nutrition.

Food in the summer and winter periods varies greatly, and it is impossible to make a sharp transition from one feed to another. It is necessary to gradually introduce other feeds into the rabbit’s daily diet and increase the amount of new food every day.

Rabbits in the summer

Many are interested in the question: how to feed rabbits in the summer in the heat. Food can be very varied. Since childhood, everyone knows that rabbits love grass. But you need to remember that not all grass is useful, but there is poisonous, which can destroy a pet.

Useful herbs: nettle, coltsfoot, plantain leaves, clover, dandelion, wormwood and knotweed.
Poisonous herbs: horse dill, digitalis, wild radish and buttercups.
At least periodically, the eared ones should be given twigs from willow, birch, pear, cherry and apple tree, they grind their teeth about them.

Rabbits eat potato tops well, but they can only be given if neither the tops nor the potatoes (before planting) were treated with pesticides. Otherwise, the whole economy will die.

How to feed rabbits so that they grow quickly and do not hurt

In the summer, rabbits need to be fed morning and evening. For morning feeding you need to give grass, and for evening feeding you can add barley or other crushed grains. You can boil peeling vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets), mash a little and mix with bran. Such a mishmash will be satisfying and healthy!

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Rabbits are very fond of vegetables and fruits. For example, carrots, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkin, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, apples, pears, watermelon peel and even raspberries. All vegetables and fruits, before giving the rabbit to be washed, wiped dry and cut into small slices. It is very useful for them and the tops of vegetables, eating her pussies with great pleasure. The more varied the menu, the healthier the animal.

The grass for morning feeding should be torn in the evening and left in a place where dew does not settle on it. Rabbits should not be given food with dew, rainwater, or simply wet. From wet grass, the rabbits die. Although they can and even need to drink water. After all, he is as lively as everyone else, and they also want to drink, especially during the summer heat. With a lack of water, rabbits eat poorly, and the reason is the problem of digesting food due to thirst.

Winter meals

In winter, rabbits are fed with hay, dry tops with vegetables, grains, bran-branded mixes, mixed feeds, and fresh vegetables. Few people know how to feed a rabbit after a birthing, and this is very important. The diet of the nursing rabbit should be varied. You need to add more greens, vegetables and fruits. Meat and bone meal and yeast. The daily feed rate for the rabbit after okrol increases 4-8 times from the usual. Be sure to stand fresh water. From a lack of food or water, the rabbit can eat rabbits.

How to feed rabbits so that they grow quickly and do not hurt

Rabbits, starting from the age of three weeks, begin to eat food. They eat everything, but it is desirable that the food was not heavy for the ventricles. It is not recommended that young rabbits give hay.

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You need to know how to feed rabbits to grow quickly. For this, feed, oats and a lot of greens are added to their diet. They need enough vitamins. In compound feeds there are only 30% of them, and this is not enough for full development. To do this, you need to include in your food natural, natural vitamins that are found throughout the plant. Do not try to sprinkle more food in the hope that if you eat more, it will grow faster. Rabbits know their norm and will no longer eat.


Everyone who starts to breed rabbits wonders whether to be vaccinated or not. This is not a required procedure. Rabbits live without vaccinations, and nothing bad happens. But it’s better not to hope for it, because if you get any infection, it will mow all the rabbits. You can get an infection on your clothes. In order to avoid all the consequences, vaccinations are given in advance. A comprehensive vaccination is best. She is one of many diseases. The vaccine does not cure, but helps the body not to get sick.
With proper feeding, your rabbits will be healthy and fun!

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