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Pregnancy rabbit. How to determine whether the rabbit is pregnant?

September 5, 2019

In general, the rabbit can continue the genus on average six months after its birth, but in some breeds puberty occurs after five months, and in some breeds only by eight months. Often, rabbit breeders who are professionally engaged in breeding rabbits, in order to increase the number of offspring, or to reduce the cost of keeping rabbits, carry out the first mating in four months. And besides this, the rabbit can potentially become pregnant the very next day (!) After the birthing (childbirth).

Pregnancy (pregnancy) in rabbits lasts an average of 28-32 days.

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Checking a rabbit for pregnancy is about two weeks after mating with a rabbit.

Pregnancy rabbit. How to determine whether the rabbit is pregnant?

Sometimes a pregnant rabbit, after a couple of weeks, changes her behavior herself. she becomes more aggressive, changes her normal diet, grows stout, diverts the attention of males or begins to pluck down fluff from the abdomen. Attention. This can all be a false pregnancy (yes, it happens). Some pregnant rabbits do not show any signs of pregnancy at all until the time comes to give birth. So this is not a reliable method to find out if the rabbit is pregnant. In general, rabbits hide their pregnancy well. Even a veterinarian can make a mistake!

If you yourself need to determine whether the rabbit is pregnant (), you must first learn how to do it, practice. If you or your friends breed rabbits, then take an uncovered rabbit who is definitely not pregnant. Use your fingers to touch the belly of this rabbit, and preferably several, slightly push, remember what kind of belly should be. After that, take a potentially pregnant (pregnant) rabbit and test it too. The belly of a pregnant rabbit (pregnant) will be different. In particular, as with most higher animal mammals, the fruits are in the placental fluid, so the lower abdomen of a pregnant (pregnant) rabbit will feel denser and harder. At the same time, make sure that the rabbit is relaxed and does not strain the abdominal muscles.

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If no other rabbits are available for the above method, the following option exists. Place the rabbit’s muzzle towards you. Take her left hand behind her back. With your other hand, gently feel the pregnant rabbit from below through the stomach. In a pregnant rabbit (pregnant), small fruits, rabbits, the size of a plum should be felt in the lower abdomen. The uterus will be greatly enlarged. But attention, it is necessary to do all these operations extremely carefully and carefully so as not to harm the fetus. If the rabbit is restless, somehow interferes with palpation, then it should be calmed with gentle movements in the abdomen, gently massage.

It is better, of course, that the pregnancy is determined by a professional, veterinarian.

Read about the care of a pregnant rabbit in the next article.

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