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Rabbit got sick – how to find out

September 12, 2019

Sick rabbit, and in panic and utter bewilderment you feel sorry for the pet, and you don’t know where to run and what to do. A familiar situation, incredibly frightening for owners and potentially dangerous for the pets themselves.

Rabbit got sick - how to find out

All people, and especially owners of decorative rabbits, tend to overwind themselves and see problems where they are not. Therefore, first of all, it is important to determine that the rabbit is actually sick, and there is no empty commotion. To make it easier to navigate, consider two lists of signs. critical and alarming.

If you notice any of the critical signs, this is evidence that the rabbit was seriously ill, in this case, you need to urgently grab the pet in an armful, load it into a carrier and take it to the clinic.

Alarming signs are not so dangerous, but still they should alert the owner and make him take a closer look at the pet. So, let’s look at the symptoms in order.

Critical signs. the rabbit got sick!

Signs of a serious pathology:

  • the body is saggy, lethargic, cold, there is no reaction when lifted
  • difficulty breathing
  • severe diarrhea
  • larvae of flies are visible near the anus
  • weight loss
  • loud gritting teeth

If you observe any of these conditions, the pet should be immediately shown to a veterinarian. When choosing a clinic and veterinarian, make sure that he has experience rabbit treatment.

Be prepared to answer the following veterinarian questions:

one. What and when did the rabbit last eat?

2. Does the rabbit drink water and how often?

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3. When was the feces last allocated, and what were they?

four. What exactly guarded you?

five. What changes in behavior have you noticed?

Worrying signs. the rabbit is not sick yet, but you should be wary

Anxiety should cause behavioral changes when the rabbit:

  • not in a hurry to meet, as usual
  • lost his appetite
  • sits curled up and looks miserable
  • tries to hide, clogs into a corner
  • is in the same place all day
  • lays down and immediately jumps up

In addition, potentially dangerous violations:

  • diarrhea
  • lack of litter in the tray (constipation)
  • discharge from the eyes
  • wet face, sneezing, coughing
  • hair loss, itching, swelling, or bumps on the skin
  • redness or crusts on the inner surface of the ears
  • a round rounded seal is felt under the skin

With all these symptoms, the rabbit is closely monitored from several hours to a day, measures are taken, and if the situation does not improve, the pet is taken to the clinic.

What diseases or disorders in the body are indicated by certain symptoms, how to carry out prophylaxis and how to treat domestic rabbits, read the articles in this section.

Rabbit got sick - how to find out

Rabbit inspection

So that the sad sight does not catch you by surprise, and you do not catch it when the rabbit is already sick, regularly perform an examination that will not take much time. Let it get in your habit.

Inspect the rabbit in the most careful manner at least once a day in the warm season, when the risk of getting sick is high enough. the pet can eat more green, succulent food or be attacked by flies. In winter, the frequency of examinations can be reduced to two times a week.

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What you need to make sure when checking:

  • clean and dry nose
  • eyes are clean and bright
  • ears are clean and dry
  • feel and examine the whole body, make sure that the skin is smooth, without redness, swelling, scratching, tubercles
  • the coat is clean and shiny (Angora rocks may not have gloss)
  • tail and lower torso. clean and dry

If everything is in order. breathe a sigh of relief, your rabbit is not sick. And with proper care and a balanced approach to feeding, he will be healthy and alert for many years.

Health to you and your pets!

Rabbit got sick - how to find out

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