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Rabbit Pregnancy – How to Recognize

August 9, 2019

Mating rabbits does not always lead to offspring, although they are known for their fertility. Rabbits ovulate not on certain days of the cycle, but during mating. This means that the probability of conception is almost one hundred percent. Farmers need to approach the process of determining pregnancy responsibly, because a pregnant female changes her behavior and diet. You will learn how to determine the rabbit’s pregnancy in this article.

External signs

Finding out pregnancy is sometimes a daunting task. One of the methods of determination is visual signs. The female in most cases changes her behavior. The safety of pregnancy determination can be considered a plus of this method, and a minus is that the rabbit may not show any external changes at all until the birth and behave calmly; or young females, on the contrary, can frolic during pregnancy as before. The fact of a false pregnancy is not excluded (in rabbits, this also happens).

After covering the male and female, it is recommended to plant them in different cells, but so that they can hear and see each other. This is important because rabbits usually have families.

Rabbit Pregnancy - How to Recognize

How to determine if a rabbit is pregnant? If before the pregnancy the female was noisy, jumped, then during pregnancy she becomes quiet and cautious. Basically, the female puts everything that gets into the cage into a pile and builds a nest. The rabbit also rolls her hair from the belly and adds it to the nest. She doesn’t allow the male to her, growls when the owner reaches out her hand, bites. The rabbit becomes restless and shy. she is almost invisible in her cage. A pregnant female begins to eat a lot and drink water. Also, new addictions appear in her diet, as, in principle, in many women. The animal is gaining weight and increasing in the sides.

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So, the nest is the surest sign of the definition of rabbit pregnancy. She begins to build it from hay and her wool about 3-4 days before the birthing, others begin to do it before the birth itself, and still others after it.

At the first signs of pregnancy, it is worth providing the rabbit peace and quiet.

Video “I am a bunny rabbit: behavior before a basting”

The video demonstrates the female rabbit before giving birth, and comments are given by the author about her behavior.

Palpation method

The palpation method is the second most popular method for determining pregnancy. It is recommended for use by more experienced farmers. If nevertheless you decide to use the palpation method, it is recommended to seek the help of a veterinarian, since there is a risk of injury to rabbits.

To learn the method of palpation, first try uncovered females, and then covered for comparison. Two weeks after coating, try to find the fruit with your fingertips, applying them to the rabbit’s stomach. To do this, put the female face in her face, holding her back with her left hand, and gently feel her tummy with her right.

Rabbit Pregnancy - How to Recognize

Probing can also be done in a different position. The rabbit must be laid on a horizontal surface, with his head to himself. Hold the sacrum with one hand and probe the fruits with the other. They are located in the lower abdomen, on the sides, in the form of a chain. The uterus of a pregnant female is greatly enlarged and filled with fluid. If the rabbit during the examination starts to get nervous, she should be reassured. She must be relaxed.


Rabbit Pregnancy - How to Recognize

When probing for a period of 13-14 days, rabbits can reach a length of about 2 cm, with a weight of 3 g. After another 10 days, they can weigh more than 20 g. On the 25th day, the rabbits begin to move in the stomach. this means that soon there will be a curling. Pregnancy of different breeds of rabbits lasts from 28 to 35 days. Also, the age of the female affects this period.

There is no 100% method to determine the rabbit’s pregnancy, since animals can hide their pregnancy so well that sometimes even leading experts are baffled.

Video “How to determine a rabbit’s pregnancy”

This video talks about how to understand that a female is pregnant: behavior and palpation.

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