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Rabbits Accelerates

August 29, 2019

The accelerated rabbit is not a breed of rabbits, but the result of growing technology. Accelerate rabbits are grown in mini-farms using certain technologies. If you choose the right growing technology, then the farm can be expanded two to three times, and you will get an excellent result. According to statistics, many farmers choose the method of growing accelerated rabbits, developed by I. Mikhailov, which helps to more deeply know and study the needs of the animal, the correct conditions for their cultivation, to protect and protect against all kinds of diseases. and at the same time have a significant income and good productivity.

Mikhailov’s technology secured the rapid weaning of rabbit-accelerate from nursing mothers, as they develop faster and their immunity becomes stronger than their peers raised using old technologies, which allows the rabbits themselves to survive at any time of the year, even in winter.

Accelerate rabbits have very unusual and beautiful fur, the skin of which can be compared with the skin of a polar fox, mink, or even chinchilla. They also have very valuable and environmentally friendly meat, which is considered dietary and healthy, not containing cholesterol. But in order to get exactly a quality product, proper care is necessary. this is cleanliness in the cells, clean, ventilated air, and the constant removal of food debris.

We all know that rabbits are famous for their high fecundity. You can get 25-30 times more meat from one rabbit during the year than its own weight!

Rabbits Accelerates

The stomach of the rabbit-accelerate is very similar to a plastic bag that does not contain muscle, therefore, to quickly digest food, it must constantly eat new portions of food. thanks to which there is rapid growth and weight gain.

According to statistics, one accelerated rabbit during its entire growth eats about 11-15 kg of animal feed and 5-7 kg of hay. And do not forget that every female rabbit brings a brood of rabbit-accelerates every 5 months. For 12-16 rabbits, it is necessary to keep only one male.

By learning how to grow accelerated rabbits, you can raise breeding and fur producers. Such a business will require a lot of effort and investment. Anyone who is hardworking, energetic, and purposefully engaged in breeding accelerated rabbits will certainly be rewarded with a financial result.

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Accelerated Rabbits

Breeding accelerated rabbits based on optimized animal satisfaction. This leads to accelerated growth of young animals, reduced morbidity, and improved fur quality. As modern studies have shown, accelerated rabbits like to eat often, and providing them with constant access to food can improve all growth rates. Of great importance is the late weaning of young animals from feeding rabbits. allowing them to feed on breast milk for a period of up to three months. Creating optimal conditions for keeping animals allows them to develop better. Such rabbits are less likely to get sick and gain weight faster. In accordance with new breeding techniques accelerated rabbits they can reach a slaughter mass of 4 kg by the age of 4 months. By the same age, puberty of animals occurs. According to the stated calculations, the feed consumption during the growth time is only 7 kg of hay and 14 kg of animal feed. In practice, all indicators look completely different at least, the overspending of hay is not taken into account.

The rabbit breeding acceleration technique is based on the study of the biological and physiological needs of animals. It is based on the fact that rabbits that do not poison themselves with their own waste, feed on breast milk for up to three months and live in warmth and abundance of food and drink, grow faster, reproduce more productively and do not need treatment measures.

To receive accelerated rabbits it is necessary to maintain and grow two or three generations in accordance with acceleration breeding technique. This is, first of all, the creation of a clean, spacious cage and the necessary conditions for feeding animals. Rabbit rearing accelerative technique allows you to use dietary meat, and get high-quality beautiful fur. The meat does not contain cholesterol, pesticides and unpleasant odors of secretions. It allows you to remove radionuclides and increase the immunity of the human body. The quality of the fur is equivalent to the fur of valuable fur animals.

It is very important to note that accelerated rabbits. This is not a special breed of animals. For growing accelerate any breed of rabbit can be used. But still for breeding accelerated rabbits it is better to take existing breeds of animals.

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Growing rabbits on system acceleration does not require large labor costs. It is important to properly organize the rabbit farm and maintain it in good condition.

Rabbits Accelerates

Let’s decide what a rabbit is an accelerate. First of all, this is a rabbit, whose parents were kept for several generations using the special MIAKRO rabbit-breeding technology.

Accelerates rabbits differ from their brothers in good health, thereby rabbit meat is of high quality. Of course, it is also delicious.

Accelerates rabbits are kept in special modern rooms that meet all the requirements, ensuring a high level of rabbit breeding.

You know, try to drop into the village somehow, look at the conditions in which the village rabbits are kept. Rotten shed, dirty and odorous cells, fresh hay, rotten water. And now, welcome to the place where rabbits are accelerated. Minifarm, new cells, tasty and clean food, thorough and thrifty attitude from the side of rabbit breeders.

Please, here are photos from this farm, where the rabbits accelerate live their beautiful and interesting lives.

Accelerates rabbits: breeding, keeping

Accelerated rabbits appeared thanks to the innovative method of Professor Mikhailov, which laid the foundation for this interesting and profitable business. The new technology was called MIACRO, which in decoding means Igor Mikhailov, accelerated rabbit breeding.

At one time, Mikhailov’s technology made a real revolution in rabbit breeding, because it rejected the basic rules for the care and maintenance of rabbits. The classic rabbit breeding method has several disadvantages: high mortality of young animals, seasonal reproduction, low level of mechanization. Accelerate rabbits, breeding of which is carried out according to the new method, on the contrary, almost do not get sick, breed all year round and very quickly gain weight.

The yield of the farm for breeding accelerates increases with the number of animals in it. At the same time, household expenses are divided equally between pets. For a successful start of the business, 20 mini-farms covered with a common pent roof will be enough.

Rabbits Accelerates

It is a common misconception that babies should be weaned from their mother’s milk at the age of 19 days, but this deprives rabbits of the necessary immunity that prevents the penetration of fatal infections. Accelerates are taken from their mother only on the 90th day, which positively affects their health and development.

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MIAKRO feeding is carried out as often as possible: from 40 to 80 times, but little by little. This mode is explained by the special structure of the stomach in a rabbit, which is not able to push food to the intestines. Due to frequent feeding, rabbits already weigh 4-5 kg ​​by the age of 4 months.

When growing animals, special cells are used for accelerating rabbits, which are also called mini-farms. Such cages consist of two tiers, have good ventilation and self-cleaning, as well as unhindered access of rabbits to food and water, which is automatically supplied when the feeder is empty. Human involvement in caring for animals should be minimized.

Farmers strongly recommend the use of special cage designs for accelerated rabbits in the construction, which will clearly demonstrate their structure. Service in the form of cleaning and loading feed automatic machines require no more than once a week.

Mini farms are equipped with a device for heating water. The system of maintaining optimal temperature allows you to provide the most comfortable conditions for pets.

Products from rabbit-accelerate fur adequately withstand wear up to 12 seasons and look no worse than things from nutria or arctic fox. In addition to traditional fur coats, warm jackets and suede jackets are made from rabbit skins. For more elegant garments, the fur of a summer rabbit acts as a raw material.

Well-constructed mini-farms will provide a new brood of rabbit-accelerated animals every five months and a maximum life span of animals.

It can be summarized that the technology for growing accelerated rabbits is much more profitable and productive than conventional rabbit breeding methods. Initially, keeping animals will require some material investment, as well as labor, but over time it will pay off with interest.

Accelerate Rabbit Skins

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