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The rabbit has a wet face

August 16, 2019

If the rabbit has a wet muzzle, then this may be a manifestation of infectious stomatitis. Most often, this disease affects small rabbits that have not yet reached 3 months of life. How to recognize and treat this disease?

The rabbit has a wet face

The rabbit has a wet face

Symptoms of Infectious Stomatitis

The characteristic symptoms of this disease include the following:

  • the animal has an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane in the mouth, especially a wet nose, the entire muzzle;
  • the inflammatory process is accompanied by increased salivation;
  • plaque and redness of the mucous membrane of the mouth are observed;
  • in the behavior of the animal lethargy is noted, it can be noted that the rabbit often rubs the muzzle with its paws;
  • the rabbit’s fur coat loses its luster, it gets stuck in tangles, looks groomed, this can be seen even in the photo;
  • the animal refuses food.

If the rabbit is sick with a mild form of infectious stomatitis, then it can be expected to recover on the 8-10th day, but if the disease has severely affected the animal, then it can die within a week. About 20-30% of rabbits die. Most often, animals fall ill with infectious stomatitis in the off-season, that is, in spring or autumn.

How to treat?

What needs to be done? What is the treatment of infectious stomatitis? The sooner you start treatment, the greater the chance that the animal will survive. Even if only one rabbit is sick on the farm, all offspring must be treated. Those animals that are healthy are given half the dose of the medicine.

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What can be the treatment?

A good streptocide works well in the treatment of infectious stomatitis. One tablet should be divided into two parts, crush one of them and give to the rabbit. In the same dosage, you need to repeat the procedure after 8-10 hours.

Penicillin may also be a treatment option. It must be instilled into the rabbit once a day, 0.05 or 0.1 g will suffice.

Wet muzzle, nose unhealthy rabbit must be wiped with a solution of copper 2% vitriol. This should be done twice a day, for three days.

The rabbit’s oral cavity can be lubricated with a streptocidal emulsion. What is it for? She will also fight the outward manifestations of the infection. It can be applied to the entire wet face of the animal.

What else can help? You can prepare an ointment, which is used by veterinarians, fighting this disease. Here are the ingredients it contains: 30 g of lanolin, 2 g of sulfamide, 170 grams of white petrolatum, 200 thousand units of penicillin.

Preventive measures for this disease

The main preventive measure will be the separation of healthy animals from diseased. At the same time, healthy animals that you have been deprived of from patients must be monitored all the time and their condition monitored.

Both healthy and sick rabbits should be in good conditions. They should have clean, disinfected cells; there should be no draft in their area of ​​residence.

A preventive measure can also be the addition of iodine tincture to animals’ water (this may be a ratio of 5 ml per 10 liters of water). A small amount of potassium permanganate can also be added to water. Such preventive measures are well carried out in the offseason, when the disease is especially active.

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