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Treatment of an ear tick in rabbits

August 19, 2019

There is an opinion that the ear tick in rabbits (or psoroptosis) is not a dangerous disease at all, which you should not pay attention to. In fact, everything is much more serious. The ear mite causes severe complications in animals, otitis media, infection can get into the brain, which can lead to death.

Treatment of an ear tick in rabbits

Psoroptosis requires compulsory and immediate treatment. The sooner you start treatment with tick medicines, the higher your chances of preserving your animal’s health. We will figure out how to treat a rabbit from ticks, how psoroptosis manifests itself and what to do to avoid infection.

Symptoms, photo of an ear tick in rabbits

The ears of these animals are places of increased concentration of blood vessels. Their presence makes rabbit ears especially attractive for dangerous bloodsuckers, ear mites. Although, another species, ixodid ticks, in rabbits live on the back and in other parts of the body.

Infection with parasites in rabbits occurs either from a rabbit to offspring, or from adults through skin scales, etc.

Also, ear diseases in rabbits can occur with the following factors:

  • Crowding of animals (improper maintenance).
  • Poor nutrition (vitamin deficiency).
  • High humidity.
  • Infection with helminths or infectious diseases.

In winter and spring, psoroptosis is especially acute.

The first 5 days after infection there is an incubation period. This period of time occurs with virtually no symptoms.

Further in the ears of the animal appear small yellowish mites, visually similar to dirty plaque. How the ticks in the ears of a rabbit look, you can see in the photo:

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Treatment of an ear tick in rabbits

Because of this, rabbits scratch their ears even more. If measures are not taken, irreversible processes may occur. If psoroptosis (ear tick) is detected in rabbits, start treatment immediately!

How to treat ear tick in rabbits? Folk ways

Effective folk methods for treating rabbits for ear mites include the use of camphor oil or turpentine. For treatment, oil should not be diluted with anything. It must be put into a syringe (without a needle) and irrigate the inner affected surface of the animal’s ear. Treating an ear tick with camphor oil is simple and effective.

Similarly, treatment for psoroptosis using turpentine can be carried out. True, in this case it will be necessary to dilute it with vegetable oil in the following ratio: two parts of oil per one part of turpentine. After 2 weeks, the procedure should be repeated.

How to treat a rabbit for a tick? Preparations

Folk remedies for the treatment of ear mites in rabbits are desirable to combine with medications. Depending on the degree of infection of the animal with parasites, tick sprays for rabbits “Tsiodrin”, “Dicresil”, “Acrodex”, “Psoroptol” can be used. However, before buying the drug, you should contact your veterinarian to examine the animal and prescribe a remedy that will be optimal for use in this case.


To protect the rabbit from ear mites, routine inspections should be performed regularly. Pregnant females are inspected for the presence of parasites 2 weeks before a bout.

If you take a new animal, be sure to quarantine for 2 to 3 weeks to prevent the spread of rabbit disease.

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If you come in contact with infected animals, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize clothing. Do not touch healthy animals with dirty hands. you can infect them, because flakes or scabs may remain on your hands.

For preventive purposes, it is necessary to treat cells and aviaries in which rabbits are kept twice a year. It is good to kill ticks at low temperatures, however, during the cooling period, animals must be moved to a warm place so that they do not get sick.

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