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Types of rabbits ear disease in rabbits symptoms and their treatment

September 6, 2019

Rabbits have diseases, especially ears. Often there are viral diseases, eyes hurt.

The development of digestive pathologies, pain in the joints can lead to their incorrect content.

Among them, there are severe ones that are fatal.

In order to provide timely help to the rabbit, one should know the symptoms of ear diseases in rabbits and their treatment. Of course, you should properly care for the rabbit so that there are no consequences.

Symptoms of the animal’s poor state

The appearance and behavior of the rabbit will tell about its internal state.

Healthy pets eat well and lead an active lifestyle.

When the crawl refuses food. this is the first signal.

An unhealthy animal is sluggish, actively moving.

The disease is reflected on the coat, which loses its luster, becomes crumpled and dull.

With viral pathologies, they have pus in the eyes, a chronic runny nose, rapid breathing is observed. High fever and palpitations.

Each disease can be divided into two types: transmitted and not. Based on the type of ailment, the actions of the rabbit breeder will depend.

If this disease is contagious, it is important to isolate the patient from healthy animals, while not forgetting to disinfect the cell. The following reasons are distinguished:

  • Improper nutrition.
  • Feeding products is not the first freshness.
  • Not enough minerals and vitamins in the feed.
  • High humidity and high temperature drops.
  • Improper cell construction coverage.
  • Injuries, damage to the skin and viscera.

To know how to treat this or that ailment, you need to distinguish between ear diseases in rabbits symptoms and their treatment. Myxomatosis, which usually leads to death, is a serious viral disease. Cones form on the auricles, can reach the size of a pigeon egg.

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Often occurs in the summer, the virus is very stable, on the body of a dead animal is about 12-15 months. His mosquitoes, mosquitoes and sick rabbits carry him. Young animals become infected from the mother of the rabbit, with untimely treatment, the disease passes to the legs and head. In the future, it provokes conjunctivitis and gluing of the eyelids.

Prevention of myxomatosis was vaccination, it is desirable to carry out the procedure at 44 days of life of the person. You can recognize rabbit ear disease symptoms and their treatment, photos of which can be found on the net. Itchy scabies spreads throughout the body, including on the ears.

The causative agent is a tick. In acute form, the rabbit refuses food and dies. The disease is treated with green soap, birch tar or means with its content, turpentine. Scabies looks like sores or blisters on the skin.

Description of the disease, protection against diseases

Another disease that provokes a tick is psoroptosis.

Infection occurs often due to contact with an infected rabbit.

A dirty cage, equipment and feeders can become the focus of the disease.

Types of rabbits ear disease in rabbits symptoms and their treatment

Most often, the disease occurs in the cold season.

The yellow tick is characterized by small size, the body has an oval shape.

The auricle is affected, as well as the inner ear cavity. It is impossible to discern a microorganism without a magnifying glass or microscope. When infected, the individual experiences great inconvenience: itching, burning, loss of appetite. The signs are as follows:

  • The onset of the disease is accompanied by tubercles, which later turn into bubbles filled with fluid.
  • They are able to burst, and the liquid flows out, and then dries.
  • Animals shake their heads vigorously, shake off objects, their behavior is not calm.
  • When the initial signs remained unnoticed, a scab develops.
  • Korosta is an acute form of psoroptosis that causes brain disease. A failure occurs in the nervous system, which is the reason for the inappropriate behavior of the rabbit.
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Rarely, but possibly a complete absence of symptoms, with the exception of increased activity of the individual. You can watch rabbit’s ear diseases symptoms and their treatment video, where the signs will be clearly visible. To avoid this, acquired individuals should be kept in a separate place for about 3 weeks.

If pathologies are not detected during this period, you can safely transfer to healthy rabbits. Before mating, it is necessary to carefully check adults and rabbits.

If suspected, disinfection is carried out, metal structures must be treated with boiling water. Periodically, vaccinations should be carried out, disinfection of cells, eliminate dampness and moisture in the room. If unhealthy individuals are observed, they are immediately quarantined.

About the treatment of ear scabies in rabbits is presented in the video:

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