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We fight with malicious mosquitoes in rabbitry!

September 6, 2019

Protecting rabbits from mosquitoes is a very serious problem for every rabbit breeder. Evil little mosquitoes can do huge damage to the rabbit farm. The fact is that small bloodsuckers are annoying and rabbits have a sharp decrease in performance and activity, they begin to lose weight and stop reproducing. What mosquito control methods exist and are applicable in practice? Read on in the article.


The electrofumigator is a simple and affordable device, which is a small electric heater. The principle of its operation is as follows: the rabbit breeder puts insecticides soaked in plates specially designed for him into the electrofumigator. These chemicals are harmful to harmful insects, and as soon as this substance enters the air, mosquitoes die. Determining whether a plate has been used is easy enough: the old one will look almost white, and the new one will always be painted in bright color. The service life of one plate with an insecticide is 7-8 hours.

We fight with malicious mosquitoes in rabbitry!

The small radius of action of the electrofumigant is perhaps the only minus of its use (only 12 square meters in open space). Indoors, the method of using a fumigator or wick from mosquitoes shows itself twice as good. The price of this simple device is small and any rabbit breeder can quite afford it.

Paraffin or wax smoke bombs

Experienced rabbit breeders took this method of combating mosquitoes from the film industry. Smoke bombs are used there to simulate a fire. For the body of rabbits or humans, this method is not toxic and not harmful. Smoke bombs are made of wax or paraffin material. Unlike smoke bombs in cinema, permethrin, a chemical that is extracted from permethrin daisies, plays a very important role in rabbit breeding.

He does not act on warm-blooded creatures. Permethrin was used in ancient times: adventurers sprinkled their bed with it to protect themselves from mosquitoes. The method of action is simple: the checker burns and, thus, carries dust with a chemical substance, covering vast areas with a thin film. Even wetlands and hard-to-reach spots will be treated. In addition to mosquitoes, other harmful insects, such as ticks or fleas, are quickly destroyed.

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Each set contains 3 smoke or wax bombs. The burning time of one piece is 7–9 minutes. Rabbit breeders set fire to them every five days, as mosquitoes lay their eggs after 2-3 days. Thus, the pests that appeared after the first treatment are destroyed. The third checker from the set is the control.

So, young mosquitoes will not have time to lay eggs, and the treated area will remain without intrusive guests for a very long time. Processing by this method is carried out in dry weather without wind, since the rains completely remove the perimetric film. This method can also be used indoors, the effect will only be better. The rabbit breeder will not feel a suffocating or pungent odor, it will only smell a little wax.

Photocatalytic traps

Silent, safe and very effective insect trap. A photocatalytic trap lures mosquitoes using special light. It simulates the breathing of rabbits and emits carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes that fly up to the device are sucked by a fan into the drive, where they die from a lack of water. On an area of ​​120-150 square meters. meters photocatalytic trap works quite effectively. On average, such traps operate eight thousand hours from a 220 V network. Rabbit breeders love this trap because it:

  • protects pets from mosquitoes;
  • highly effective in work;
  • easy to maintain and use;
  • absolutely safe for rabbits and their breeders;
  • requires little energy;
  • during operation does not make any noise.

We fight with malicious mosquitoes in rabbitry!

Fighting mosquitoes in other ways

Trap lamps mosquito killers are also an effective method against annoying insects. It operates on this principle: it lures the bloodsuckers with bright light, and when they fly up, it pulls them into the receiving tray. The best mosquito capture efficiency occurs on an area of ​​50 square meters. m. The advantages of this method are:

  • power consumption of 4 watts;
  • the trap is easy to maintain;
  • does not contain chemicals;
  • harmless to rabbits;
  • works from the 220V socket;
  • besides mosquitoes, midges, flies, moths and other small flying insects are captured.
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The most effective and complex mosquito control device is Mosquito Trap MT 200. The cost of such a device, as well as its effectiveness, is high. This trap works on the principle of simulating its victim, that is, it copies all the signs that mosquitoes respond to: heat and light, the smell of exhaled air and sweat. The set of such a trap includes a cylinder with a reducer filled with carbon dioxide. This refueling lasts about twenty days.

The device is also equipped with an ultraviolet lamp that emits light tuned to various types of mosquitoes. They fly up, and the apparatus fan sucks them in, where insects die. The Mosquito Trap MT 200 works both from a 220V network and from a car battery. According to the documentation, the radius of the area protected from mosquitoes is fifteen acres.

Another option for fighting mosquitoes is the Electrofrog integrated approach device. It is more advanced than the previous version, and its characteristics are improved. As in the previous case, the destruction of harmful insects here occurs by simulating sweat, body temperature and exhaled air. Confident that a warm-blooded creature is in their field of vision, mosquitoes fly up to the device and are destroyed by the electric grid, after they are sucked into the device.

Rabbit breeders put "Electrophrog" in the way of the possible emergence of mosquitoes or their clusters. The area that the device can cover is 50 acres.

We fight with malicious mosquitoes in rabbitry!

Folk remedies

You can also protect your eared pets from mosquitoes without the help of sophisticated appliances or devices. Old grandfather’s methods are probably not so effective, but they really work and will help the rabbit breeder reduce the number of annoying insects to an optimal level. Mechanical protection is the first method of folk remedies. Many rabbit breeders use mosquito nets at the peak of the appearance of bloodsuckers. Similarly, they close the path of insects.

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The mesh works well, even considering that mosquitoes can penetrate through the floor. All that is needed is to cover with a grid those places through which harmful insects can fly to rabbits. It should be remembered that gauze is not suitable as a protective shield, since not only mosquitoes, but also air will practically not be able to penetrate. This can cause the rabbits to suffocate and overheat without the influx of fresh air and movement. In this case, pre-made ventilation can help. Or you need to raise gauze every few hours for 3-4 minutes.

We fight with malicious mosquitoes in rabbitry!

Mosquitoes are known to primarily respond to odors. To scare away insects, you can use the leaves of elderberry, mountain ash, juniper. They must first be finely chopped. You can also rub rabbit cells with them. The very eared pets, some rabbit breeders spray a decoction of wormwood or place dishes next to it to scare away mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of valerian, but rabbits, unlike cats, are completely indifferent to it. In emergency situations, some breeders smear their pet’s bitten noses with a variety of creams or sprays. Of course, they will help, but you must always take into account the fact that the rabbit will lick it all and can be poisoned. Another good method is camphor oil or valerian, which evaporates slowly. To intensify, they are heated in a water bath.

Video "How to protect rabbits from mosquitoes"

In this video you will see the results of the Mosquito Magnet Independence after a two-week use.

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