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What is flatulence dangerous for rabbits and how to treat it

August 2, 2019

Flatulence in rabbits is a fairly common disease, which is associated with a structural feature of their digestive system. This condition of the animal is unsafe and can lead to death in a few hours.

The rabbit’s stomach has a peculiarity. its walls do not have muscles for contraction. Food moves under the pressure of each new serving of food. Therefore, a small spasm or blockage can lead to stagnation and colic.

Usually bloating in rabbits arises from poor-quality or unusual food eaten in large quantities. It can be wet, freshly cut grass, root crops, legumes, cabbage, beet tops, etc. Thus, the intestines are overloaded, food does not have time to digest, and fermentation processes begin with increased gas production. Also, food stagnation is observed in sedentary animals, as well as in individuals who have undergone stress: fear, exit from the nest, transportation, etc.

Symptoms of Flatulence

The gases that accumulate in the stomach inflate it, which causes pain. The rabbit stops eating and drinking, his stomach is swollen, he is inactive. Refusal of food leads to a decline in strength and resistance. The body temperature of the animal drops below normal, trembling may occur, breathing is quickened, the liver is disturbed. When tapping the abdomen, a drum sound is heard. The disease develops rapidly: in just a few hours, the rabbit can die if help is not provided in time. The earlier treatment is started, the greater the chances of the animal recovering.

Diagnosis and treatment of bloating in a rabbit

A good video on how to notice a bloating in the rabbit in time and take the right measures.

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To alleviate the condition of the rabbit, they temporarily stop giving juicy feed and transfer to dry ones. In summer, grass is replaced with high-quality hay. At the same time, the usual food norm is reduced by 1.5-2 times. Instead of water, the animal is offered a calcined infusion of hay or chamomile.

In order to relieve smooth muscle spasms, antispasmodics and sedatives. After that, it is recommended to give disinfectants and anti-fermentation agents. You can make a deep warm enema. If the condition of the rabbit does not improve, signs of intoxication of the body and heart failure increase, then the use of cardiac drugs and the introduction of glucose intravenously are necessary.

An effective means is a massage of the abdomen with a frequency of once an hour. To do this, the animal lies on the man’s knees and careful stroking is performed in the direction from the neck to the tail for 5-10 minutes. In this case, you must try not to hurt the animal.

In order to relieve pain, which can cause the death of a rabbit, injections of no-shpa or other painkillers are performed. The use of homeopathic remedies can also give a good result.


As preventive measures, it is necessary to carefully observe the rules and feeding regime of animals, not to allow them to eat low-fermenting, poor-quality feed and poisonous plants. It is worth periodically including wormwood, dill, dandelion, chamomile in the rabbits ’diet (fresh in summer, dry in winter). The transfer to a new feed must be carried out gradually.

What is flatulence dangerous for rabbits and how to treat it

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