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What to do if a rabbit has fleas

August 10, 2019

Fleas are small insects invisible to the naked eye that cause great harm to pets. They belong to the class of bloodsucking, parasites and can spread from one animal to another. Rabbits suffer from them no less than dogs and cats, therefore, the article below describes: how to carry out preventive measures, inspections for fleas. Since if you find full-fledged adult insects, then the disease develops already in the acute stage. And also given detailed instructions for their removal from the woolly eared. Do not forget that in addition to discomfort, itching, fleas can be carriers of serious infectious diseases.

What to do if a rabbit has fleas

Are there

Many people believe that fleas are blood-sucking insects that live only on cats and dogs, but this is far from the case. They are introduced onto the skin of rabbits of any breed, including New Zealand red, Rex and Angora. In this case, two large varieties of parasites are shared:

  1. The first type affects cats and rabbits. In this case, it can be transmitted from one type of pet to another.
  2. The second. lives exclusively on rabbits and not delayed by others.

Fleas have a long life cycle of up to 100 days, as well as a high degree of self-reproduction: about 50 larvae per day. About the characterization of the breed of rabbits Silver read here.

The eggs are vitally stable, therefore they can be easily found on the carpet, floor, furniture and care items from which they subsequently fall onto the wool cover and multiply further.

In this regard, it is quite difficult to remove fleas, in addition to therapeutic actions with the animal, they completely disinfect the room where it lives.

Signs of fleas and lice

The signs of bloodsucking can be easily determined at home, without resorting to the help of doctors of veterinary clinics. The fact that a rabbit is infected is indicated by several signs:

  1. The animal is restless behavior, squeals tensely.
  2. Very often something bites in the coat, itches.
  3. Upon examination, it is easy to immediately notice fleas at the withers or along the eared spine.
  4. In addition to black moving dots, white larvae can be found in the coat, pupae of insects. The latter look like white, fatty grains, often confuse them with seborrheic disturbance of the cover.
  5. Bright spots also appear on the skin, irritation, in an advanced stage, wool begins to fall out in bunches. As if she was pulled out by forceps or sheared.
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When analyzing the hair with a comb in all directions of the hair, to understand the degree of infection and the number of lice on the rabbit.

With prolonged infection, the rabbit suffers from blood loss, which can develop into anemia, leading to the death of the pet. Also, fleas are peddlers of a dangerous and poorly treatable disease. myxomatosis.

In addition to examining the rabbit, cells are also analyzed, since flea secretions can be easily seen on the litter, in bright areas of the floor. They look like small, uncharacteristic for eared dots of brown or black colors. Learn about the breed of lop-eared rabbits at this link.

How to withdraw

To withdraw fleas, as well as worms, is a rather troublesome task and requires patience. Even when the animal is rid of bloodsucking, a course of prevention is carried out for several months. To combat lice in pets, modern veterinary medicine offers many medications. In this case, the release form, you can choose the most convenient and comfortable for use.

Anti-flea agents directed only to type 2 insects are quite rare. Most often, pharmacies sell universal drugs suitable for cats, rabbits. Since the structure and structure of the hairs and epidermis are similar, experts recommend using this segment of medicines for the eared. Also read about dwarf chickens.

When withdrawing, you should always follow the instructions and prescriptions of the drug, not to exceed the norm, as severe intoxication of the animal may occur. Regularity of procedures is the key to a sustainable result.

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According to the form of release, medicines can be in the form of drops, shampoos, dry powders and an unconventional, but gaining popularity, collar.


In addition to choosing the right drug for the elimination of fleas according to the degree of neglect of the disease, the characteristics of the epidermis and the immune system of the animal, it is always necessary to observe a clear sequence of actions, as well as carry out preventive measures and space disinfection in parallel. And you can learn about the breed of hens Xin Xin Dian from this material.

  • inspection of the animal for the number of adults, larvae and damaged areas;
  • if you chose shampoo as a means of control, you must close the windows, to avoid drafts, and prepare a large towel for wrapping the rabbit after bathing. Wash shampoo according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • drops are usually used at the withers, head. The shampoo is foamed and evenly distributed throughout the coat;

Before all insecticidal procedures, rubber gloves are worn to prevent the product from getting on the skin. Due to the serious chemical composition and concentration, it can cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

  • the product is kept on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then washed off with warm water;
  • when the indicated time in the preparation instructions ends, the rabbit is combed with a brush, removing dead insects and larvae. The procedure is done with special care, working out every centimeter, conducting a comb in different directions;

The treatment is repeated after 1-1.5 weeks until the larvae and pupae completely disappear. Also, after each procedure, the comb and other contacting objects are wiped with alcohol wipes or kept in a solution of manganese.

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The simplest remedy for fleas are solutions in the format of drops. Depending on the composition and concentration, they are used not only as a therapeutic, but also as a prophylactic. What to do if a rabbit versicolor tells this article.

Among veterinarians and rabbit breeders are popular: Fortline, Advantage.

The drug is applied in the area of ​​the withers so that the rabbit could not lick the drug, since the latter has a high degree of toxicity.

What to do if a rabbit has fleas

Do not wash the rabbit after treatment for a couple of days, so as not to reduce the therapeutic effect of the drops.

Re-apply the drops after 1-1.5 months.

The second most popular anti-flea drug is shampoo. Procedures are performed more often, but with a large number of insects. this is one of the effective methods.

Of the brands of shampoos, one can distinguish Neguvon, Bulfo. Concentrated products and they are pre-diluted with water. Repeat the treatment after a week and a half, depending on the severity of the disease.

There are solutions that do not apply to either drops or shampoos, for example, bromocyclin.

Now in veterinary medicine, such a flea remedy as a collar has appeared, it is saturated with a special composition that repels insects. This is more a preventive measure than a therapeutic one. Also read about the features of the content of the breed of pigs Hungarian Mangalits here.

The collar is used when walking in the fresh air, transportation, but not for constant wear. Since the poisons contained in it can cause intoxication in the rabbit.

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