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What to do if the rabbit has constipation

August 14, 2019
What to do if the rabbit has constipation

First aid for rabbits with diarrhea:

– the cage needs to be washed from the feed to put only hay and water, succulent feed should be completely excluded from the diet;

– it is advisable to wipe or wash the wool. clean from feces, all can not be washed;

– start to drink decoction of oak bark or cinquefoil, Smecta (dosage depending on the weight of the pet);

– activated carbon. 1 tablet goes per 10 kg. weight, divided, diluted in warm water, drunk through an insulin syringe, without a needle.

Important! Juicy feed is completely excluded from the diet, only hay and water are left, until fully consolidated. Then, no sooner than after 3 to 4 days, gradually, in a small amount, juicy feed begins to be introduced into the diet. Juicy feed is given to a healthy animal in a small amount no more than 2 times a day.

Diarrhea does not very well affect the health of the pet, the reasons are diverse. After 1-1.5 weeks, it is advisable to sweep the rabbit and drink it with Baykoks.

If there is no positive effect during the day, you need to go to a veterinary clinic, injections of Saline and 5% Glucose.

First aid for rabbits with constipation:

If the animal refuses to eat. loss of appetite, then he has nothing to go to the toilet, this is no longer constipation. Not all medications are suitable for treating rabbits; they can also cause diarrhea or constipation.

– you need to make sure that the animal eats, there is no loss of appetite, the cage has hay, water, food;

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– if the rabbit doesn’t eat (there’s nothing to go to the toilet), then start feeding through an insulin syringe with herbal granules diluted to powder state diluted with warm water. Loss of appetite may indicate problems with the teeth (rabbits not only have 4 incisors and also have molars), maybe after taking the wrong drugs (not all drugs are suitable for treating rodents and rabbits), they may be a symptom of a disease. Conclusion: the rabbit is not constipated, he has nothing to go to the toilet.

– with constipation of the rabbit you need to let out a run, you can do a light massage, in the hay cage is water. You need to observe the rabbit, how it behaves, whether it went to the toilet, what feces, etc.;

– if hay water, walking around the room (at least an hour), tummy massage did not help, then the rabbit is given vaseline oil, but not vegetable or sunflower oil. No-shpa injections are also given, and if necessary, Espumisan is given. We observe the animal, if there are no improvements during the day, an examination is required in the veterinary clinic (the clinic’s working hours should be taken into account if there are no round-the-clock). In the clinic, a rabbit will have an ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract, then according to the result.

IMPORTANT: Any treatment should take into account the physiological characteristics of the digestion of rabbits, this is the key to successful treatment.

Author: Borodulina N.G. (Breeder of the nursery "Sea Breeze")
On the photo: Garu Sea Breeze (breed: Colored dwarf)

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