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What to do with rabbit diarrhea and how to prevent it

August 19, 2019

What if your rabbits. ordinary or decorative. have diarrhea? Is it worth it to call a veterinarian right away, or is there something you can do on your own? Diarrhea is a problem that should not be underestimated, as indigestion is not always associated with poor quality food. Often, rabbit diarrhea indicates serious problems. We are going to tell about what to undertake in such a situation, how to properly treat diarrhea in rabbits, in this article.

What to do with rabbit diarrhea and how to prevent it

For some reason, people do not perceive diarrhea as a serious disease, considering such disorders to be quite commonplace. they say, you just need to wait, and the disease will go away by itself. But if you are breeding rabbits, and your wards have diarrhea, things sometimes take a bad turn. Your pets may simply die from basic dehydration. In addition, diarrhea is most often just a symptom of another, more serious, disease.

The reasons

Those who are going to breed furry creatures, it is useful to know that these creatures are very sensitive. Rabbits nervously react to any changes in the environment. Even changing the usual feed in the diet can knock an animal out of the rhythm of life. Diarrhea can be a reaction to such stress, although not necessarily.

We list the situations that can cause diarrhea in these cute little animals.

  1. Poisoning. Often, the owners themselves, without knowing it, add some foods that rabbit stomachs are not able to digest to rabbits ’diet. A common mistake is to give wet grass to the feed:
  • washed, but not dried, as it should;
  • freshly cut, on which morning dew still remains;
  • I bloom and moldy greens.

Fresh grass must first dry and dry.

What to do with rabbit diarrhea and how to prevent it

Diarrhea in rabbits

When breeding rabbits, all the main steps must be carried out in due time. If it is too early to take away the suckers from the rabbit, having begun to give them adult food, this will cause disturbances in the digestive system. Indeed, in the stomach rabbits do not yet have the required number of bacteria, until a certain age it is generally sterile.

  • helps babies cope with infections;
  • regulates the acidity of the stomach;
  • provides the body with the necessary antibodies.
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With a shortage of breast milk, suckers enteritis. an inflammatory process that captures the entire intestine. Diarrhea occurs as one of the side effects.

It is young animals that often vilify when changing their diet or if there is not enough fiber in food. In this case, diarrhea is caused by ordinary dysbiosis.


Of all the diseases that can cause diarrhea in rabbits, infection is one of the most common. Infections come in many forms.

  1. Coccidiosis External manifestations: bloating, ruffled hair. Animals refuse food, their eyelids turn yellow. For treatment, "Sulfadimethoxin" or "Norsulfazole" is used.
  2. Stomatitis. Ulcers appear on the tongue of the animal, saliva is actively released. For treatment, a 2% solution of copper sulfate is used, with which the rabbit’s oral cavity is lubricated.
  3. Paratyphoid. With this infection, the animal also loses interest in food, its activity decreases sharply, the hair becomes tousled. For treatment, “Furazolidone” is used, which is given for a week at the rate of 30 milligrams for each kilogram of live weight of the animal.

Then it remains to figure out what to do with rabbit diarrhea and what first aid measures should be taken in this case.

First aid

Experts recommend on the very first day to make a herbal decoction for sick rabbits, which need to be fed animals all day. If the rabbit does not pass diarrhea every other day, you should definitely seek help from a specialist.

Only by identifying the main cause of diarrhea in an animal, one can count on successful treatment.

A sick animal must be transplanted into a separate cage. Then it is washed, after which they give, as we already mentioned, an infusion of chamomile or fresh water. By the way, by the composition of feces, you can guess the causes of the disease, therefore, turning to the veterinarian for help, be sure to take his samples with you.

What to do with rabbit diarrhea and how to prevent it

Remove from the diet of the animal all fresh greens, vegetables and fruits, leaving only hay and dry compound feed. For treatment, either medications are used, or resort to traditional medicine.

Medical drugs

The sooner you start treatment, the better. We remind you that diarrhea is usually accompanied by a strong loss of water by the body, and therefore the animal can die from dehydration. The use of veterinary drugs is the best solution.

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The following drugs are considered the most effective.

  1. The drug "Linex". Recommended for diarrhea as a very effective remedy. The animal should be given half a capsule morning and evening, and so for several days. Linex normalizes the intestinal flora, increasing the number of bacteria needed.
  2. Activated carbon. It is prescribed in extreme cases. The rabbit should be given ¼ of crushed tablet dissolved in boiled water.
  3. The drug "Baytril." Used in the acute form of the disease. It is administered in the form of injections in the withers area. One dose is determined from the calculation of 0.1 ml of the drug per kilogram of live weight. The drug is diluted in one milliliter of saline. For injection use insulin syringes. The number of injections is three times a day.

After the course of treatment is effective, the animal will need increased care for some time. The body of the rabbit after diarrhea is weakened, so preventive measures will be required. Veterinarians recommend using the Beykoks drug for this purpose in a proportion of 1 teaspoon per liter of water. Such a solution is done daily, and they are given a drink to the recovering rabbit.

Folk remedies

These include all kinds of decoctions of herbs. The most effective are:

  • decoction of cinquefoil. In a glass of boiling water, one tablespoon of dry grass is brewed. Broth the animal from a teaspoon or through a syringe without a needle;
  • decoction of pharmacy chamomile. Brew it in the traditional way, resulting in a light yellow remedy. A sick rabbit should take one tablespoon of the drug inside three times a day for 10 days;
  • decoction of oak bark. It is added to drinking water;
  • decoctions based on wormwood, burdock root and yarrow. These herbs contain iodine, which enhances the animal’s immunity.

A sick rabbit must be watered in order to save him from dehydration. If necessary. the animal is forcefully watered. To enhance the effect, it is advisable to combine the use of herbal decoctions with medications.

What to do with rabbit diarrhea and how to prevent it

Proper care

If the causes of diarrhea in rabbits are the result of poor quality care, you will have to fundamentally review the conditions of their furry pets. Work on their improvement is reduced to the following measures.

  1. The room in which your wards live needs to be washed and disinfected. The floor is necessarily covered with soft litter. it is better to use a cotton cloth, which is periodically changed to a clean one. All stools of rabbits need to be cleaned on time, animals should not be in contact with them.
  2. The anus of a sick rabbit should be kept clean and dry. The animal begins to lick a wet hole, as a result, it will again infect itself with an infection.
  3. Although rabbits tolerate low temperatures well, it is desirable to make it more comfortable for sick wards. Install a lamp in the cage, use a heating pad or a bottle of warm water.
  4. Make sure that in the cell of the sick “patient” it is clean, remove all excess, leave only drinking water and food.
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All of the above applies to any breed of rabbit. It doesn’t matter if diarrhea has occurred in the ornamental rabbit, or if diarrhea has affected lop-eared animals, all the recommended treatment and care measures will be the same. After all, the difference between these individuals is only in the size or shape of the ears.


To prevent this common ailment, experts advise carefully monitoring the nutrition of animals. In particular, it is especially recommended:

  • Do not give poor-quality foods;
  • take away fruits and greens without defects, rot, only fresh;
  • limit the diet of berries and exotic vegetables.

In addition, take the following measures:

  • purity in the cells, since dirt and sewage can provoke an infection;
  • do all the necessary vaccinations in a timely manner, immediately quarantine sick animals from the rest;
  • Do not create stressful situations for animals.


We tried to explain how to treat diarrhea in rabbits, which drugs are considered the most effective. Remember the main thing. you need to treat diarrhea immediately, as soon as you find it, delay will either greatly delay the moment of recovery, or will lead to death.

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