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Why did the rabbit sour and swollen eyes

September 5, 2019
Why did the rabbit sour and swollen eyes

Sometimes rabbit breeders when breeding furry animals encounter such a problem as the rabbit’s eyes were swollen. There are several reasons why this problem may appear. this is the infectious origin of the tumor, trauma, or even an allergic reaction.

Below we will examine in detail the eye diseases in rabbits and how to deal with them.

The reasons

Why do rabbits have festering eyes and swelling? The most common problem that festering and swelling the eyes is conjunctivitis in rabbits. At the moment, there are three forms of conjunctivitis that animals are exposed to, namely:

All three varieties of conjunctivitis in a rabbit have very similar symptoms. But there are certain symptoms that are characteristic of only one type of conjunctivitis.

So, you can determine the infectious conjunctivitis by the following signs:

  • first, the animals have red eyes;
  • then, the eyes swell;
  • further, the eyelids turn sour and conjunctivitis appears.

There are several reasons why this disease manifests itself. this may be the result of dust, sand or small pieces of food in the eyes. A distinctive form of such a defect from other varieties is the absence of purulent discharge, and sometimes clouding may occur.

The second type of conjunctivitis is the catarrhal form. It manifests itself in the form of swelling of only one eye in the animal. And the common signs of this form of defect will be as follows:

  • the palpebral fissure of the pet is half-closed or does not open at all;
  • with the expansion of the eyelid, it is found that the eyes are red;
  • the pet’s eyes are watery;
  • often a white spot can be found in the eye of a pet.

With this form of defect, rabbits are afraid of light. A distinctive feature of this form is that such a defect appears only in one eye. It should be emphasized that if treatment is not started in a timely manner, the disease progresses and affects the second eye. Further, the animal goes blind and dies.

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And the last form is purulent conjunctivitis. If this type of defect develops, then the symptoms will be as follows:

  • redness first appears;
  • then, the rabbit has watery eyes;
  • further, the orbits strongly swell and begin to stick together;
  • and the final stage of the development of the defect, the eyes fester in rabbits.

With this form of defect, the cornea of ​​the eye has a cloudy appearance. At the same time, thorn and sores, as well as erosion at the edges of the eyelids, begin to form. And the main sign of the development of just such a form is that sign that the rabbit’s eyes are festering.

But not only varieties of conjunctivitis can provoke edema, the appearance of pus and the appearance of a rabbit with red eyes. There are also other diseases in which rabbit eyes may swell. Myxomatosis refers to such defects. This ailment is very dangerous and insidious, and it manifests itself with the following symptoms:

  • in a rabbit, eyes and ears begin to swell, and if the rabbit is sick, then the edema can be seen on her genitals;
  • there is inflammation and a spot on the ocular membrane;
  • after there are discharge from the eyes in the form of purulent clusters;
  • further, upon palpation of the head in a pet, a lump can be found, which will increase over time, and new ones will also appear;
  • and the last sign. the pet can no longer fully breathe and strong wheezing is heard from its chest.

In addition to the fact that the rabbit has a watery eye and swelling appears along with purulent secretions, the animal becomes a general depressed state, his eyes are cloudy and his ears droop. And literally a week later the animal dies.

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It is worth emphasizing that with such a defect in rabbits, their treatment is absolutely pointless. The best option would be to destroy all affected animals. But, before sending sick animals for slaughter, it is worth showing them to the veterinarian in order to accurately diagnose this disease.

In general, eye disease in rabbits can be successfully treated, except for myxomatosis.


Almost all rabbit diseases can be treated, provided that the appropriate manipulations were carried out in a timely manner. So, if the rabbit has a festering eye, first you need to find out the cause that provoked the development of this ailment.

If conjunctivitis was detected in a rabbit, then treatment is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • prepare a weak solution of furatsilina and thoroughly rinse the eyes if the eyelids become inflamed;
  • after washing the eyes, zinc eye drops will be required, with which several drops are instilled, according to the instructions;
  • in the case when at least one eye is festering, it is necessary to wipe the eyelids with a 1% solution of boric acid using a cotton pad. Perform this procedure after the eyeballs have been rinsed;
  • if the watery eye also becomes inflamed, then it is necessary to put iodoform ointment under the eyelid, due to which it is possible to exclude the appearance of sores and eyesore on the eyeball. This ointment will help not to lose sight of the pet.

Eye diseases of rabbits are dangerous because, if untreated, they can provoke a rise in temperature, the appearance of seizures in the animal and impaired coordination of eared movements. If the animal fell ill and did not receive treatment in a timely manner, then most often it loses weight and dies.

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Another important point regarding the decorative species of rabbits. Today, thanks to the efforts of breeders, many people prefer these kinds of species.

Why did the rabbit sour and swollen eyes

Therefore, it is worth knowing to all beginner rabbit breeders one thing: if a decorative rabbit has an eye watering, it is worth immediately contacting a veterinarian for help.

The fact is that such a breed is not only beautiful in appearance, such a variety is very fragile. And if ordinary rabbits of an illness of some type are easily tolerated, then similar defects can cause death to decorative rabbits.

In this case, it is literally worth swelling at least one eye, then immediately go to the veterinarian. At the same time, consider one most important point, for rabbit treatment, drugs intended for humans will not work.

Above we examined such questions as what to do and how to treat swollen eyes in rabbits at home. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that such diseases can be cured provided that therapy is started in a timely manner.

And, of course, it is worth emphasizing one important detail: if you are careful about young animals, the above-described defects will not be scary for your pets, and they will always look at you with absolutely healthy eyes. Therefore, there is only one conclusion: watch for pets, clean their cages in a timely manner and feed them good food and you will not lose a single individual.

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