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Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

September 10, 2019

The rabbit does not eat, does not drink, and the caring owner does not find a place for himself from anxiety. And he is absolutely right! Stopping the digestive process or stasis of the gastrointestinal tract is indeed a potentially very dangerous situation for the health and life of the rabbit, whose digestive system must work constantly.

Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

Stops digestion in rabbits. A serious problem that occurs frequently and can be caused by several reasons. But whatever the factors that provoked stasis, development mechanism the disease state is as follows:

  • digestive processes slow down or stop;
  • pathogenic bacteria accumulate and rapidly develop in the intestines;
  • under the influence of bacteria and decomposition of food debris, gases are formed that painfully stretch the stomach;
  • the appetite disappears completely, the rabbit does not eat or drink anything.

The longer the rabbit goes hungry, the more he weakens, dehydration occurs and the situation closes. the pet does not eat or drink, because it is weak and weakens, because it does not eat and does not drink.

Not getting fiber. the only element that can establish digestion and make the gastrointestinal tract work, the rabbit will inevitably suffer from constipation. As a result, toxins accumulated in the stomach and intestines penetrate the bloodstream, which will lead to damage to the internal organs, primarily the liver.

The complete lack of rabbit appetite immediately causes a slowdown and subsequent stoppage of the digestive system.

Here are the most common causes, that provoke this condition:

  • a diet high in carbohydrates and lack of fiber;
  • stress (from separation from the couple, change of residence, when new people or animals appear in the house);
  • pain syndrome. from bloating, problems with the kidneys or urinary tract, with dental diseases, abscesses in the oral cavity;
  • lack of physical activity.
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Signs of stopping digestion:

  • the rabbit does not eat or drink
  • lack of feces in the tray and litter (constipation)
  • small or deformed feces
  • apathy, lethargy
  • sitting hunched over
  • clogs into a corner
  • gritting his teeth

Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

Digestive Stop Treatment

If you suspect a stasis of the gastrointestinal tract of a rabbit, it is advisable to immediately take them to a veterinary clinic.

Be prepared to answer specialist questions:

one. How long has your rabbit been eating or drinking?

2. When was the last time you watched a chair, and what was it like?

3. What is the usual rabbit diet?

four. Does he have food preferences?

five. Were there any signs of increased salivation, attempts by the rabbit to put his paw in his mouth, or general anxiety?

6. Is the rabbit alone most of the time?

7. Has stress or a change in feed occurred?

Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

What treatment measures will the veterinarian take:

  • determine the cause of the condition;
  • palpate the abdomen or take an x-ray to make sure that there is no clogging of the stomach with a lump of wool;
  • check the teeth for growth, sharp processes or suppuration;
  • give a medicine to stimulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal apparatus, for example, cisapride (if there is no blockage);
  • introduces a liquid to soften the contents of the intestine;
  • will prescribe a painkiller.

How to help a rabbit who doesn’t eat and drink?

If there is no blockage, it is possible to alleviate the condition of the rabbit and improve the work of the stomach and intestines by carefully feeding small amounts of baby vegetable puree every 2–3 hours, including night.

After feeding, do not forget to carefully drink a little water with a syringe, this is important if the rabbit does not drink.

Herbal flour granules contain a lot of fiber, therefore they are very useful. If the rabbit does not eat pellets in dry form, you can soak them in warm water, and force-feed them as mashed potatoes.

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Probiotics (strains of beneficial microorganisms) are effective in such situations, which begin to work immediately after getting into the intestine and the effect can be noticeable after a few hours. For the treatment of rabbits, a German probiotic OLIN is successfully used.

Read about how to cook food, as well as the methods and rules of forced feeding of rabbits in this article.

If the rabbit does not eat and does not drink from stress, take a short pause, and then comfort the pet, gently stroking and persuading. Giving your favorite and fragrant herbs. dandelions, parsley, basil, cilantro can cause the rabbit to start eating.

A massage of the abdomen stimulates the work of smooth muscles of the intestines, which will allow the gases to escape, reduce soreness, and the pet will begin to eat and drink. For the massage procedure, the rabbit is seated on the floor, with its muzzle facing the person, with one hand actively massaging the stomach from below, and with the other holding the body from above and behind. Movements are made back and forth, quickly and energetically enough.

General muscle activity also helps stimulate the stomach and intestines, and it’s also a great idea to take your pet for a walk in the garden or in the park. This will distract him from discomfort and restore his taste for life.

Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

Preventative measures

The first and most important thing is to make sure that the rabbit receives hay and other roughage in sufficient quantities, preferably plenty.

Check your pet regularly and show it to your veterinarian from time to time to identify potential health problems on time. As mentioned above, often the rabbit does not eat and drink only because it feels soreness in the oral cavity. The reasons for this are dental diseases, damage to the mucous membrane or abscesses.

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You need to be wary of the excessive eating of rabbit paper or cardboard. It’s one thing if a rabbit nibbles and scatters pieces of a cardboard box. this is a traditional favorite game. But if the rabbit eats cardboard or the filler of the toilet tray, you need to review its diet and find out what it lacks. most likely, fiber or minerals.

Does he have enough space for running and jumping?

Do you let your pet go for walks and how often?

Does a rabbit feel sad alone while you are at work all day?

The rabbit is an outgoing creature and sitting alone in a cage all day, he quickly begins to yearn, gets depressed and loses a healthy appetite, and if so, it is better to get him a couple.

When a rabbit does not eat or drink anything, this is an alarming sign of a stop of the digestive system, and the full restoration of its normal functioning after stasis can take from several days to a month. However, recovery is possible. Be patient, be persistent and gradually the rabbit’s appetite will return, and the pet will come back to its usual. peppy and fervent state, inspired by biting hay, demandingly banging feeders or enthusiastically destroying a cardboard box.

Why does the rabbit not eat and drink

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