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Why rabbits can fester eyes

September 12, 2019

The eyes of rabbits should be clean, fully open, shiny, mobile. If the discharge of their eyes is visible, your pet is sick. What are these diseases and what treatment will help? Why do animals fester eyes?

Why rabbits can fester eyes

A healthy rabbit has clean and wide eyes.


This is a common disease in which the mucous membrane becomes inflamed. It covers the sclera and eyelid. Why does this disease occur? There are many reasons. This may be an irritation that occurs due to hay or sawdust. Sometimes allergy is manifested. Infectious diseases are also a cause of conjunctivitis. Rabbit eyes become inflamed if kept in poor conditions.


If rabbits have conjunctivitis, the disease makes itself felt by the following symptoms:

  • eyes turn red;
  • tears flow from them;
  • pus is excreted;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • rabbits’ eyes stick together.

With conjunctivitis, the eyes in rabbits stick together


Conjunctivitis is not a dangerous disease. To prescribe treatment, the veterinarian must determine the cause of its occurrence. If the rabbit’s eyes are festering, their treatment may be different. often, their treatment begins with washing.

  1. Soak sticky eyes

Look for rabbit eyes sticking together. If so, you must first soak them. To do this, a piece of gauze is soaked in water or a 3% solution of boric acid and applied to the eyes of a rabbit.

To wash them, dissolve a tablet of furatsilin in water. It is advisable to take hot water (100 g) and cool the solution later. Then they washed the eyes of the rabbit 3 times a day. Instead of furatsilin, chamomile is also used. It is brewed.

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After the eyes are washed, they are smeared with Tetracycline ointment, also 3 times a day. You can use another ointment in which there is an antibiotic and a corticosteroid. Instead of ointment, you can take Cypromed or other drops.

If after 2-3 days you do not notice any improvement, you must go to the veterinarian who will take the tests and prescribe treatment for them. It is advisable not to wait for these 2-3 days, but to immediately visit a specialist.

It will not be easy to do all the treatment procedures, as The rabbit is a shy animal. He will turn away, close his eyes, twitch. Have to be patient, because only such treatment will help to cope with the problem.

Why rabbits can fester eyes

The rabbit will run away and resist, but the treatment must be brought to the end

Vitamin A

If the rabbits and their mothers have poor, unbalanced nutrition, vitamin deficiencies develop. With a lack of vitamin A in the rabbits, the eyelids swell, conjunctivitis begins. How should they be treated? It is necessary to give food rich in this vitamin: clover, carrots, alfalfa. Cabbage, silage, hay, etc. are also useful. Give the rabbits fish oil. Young animals need 0.3-0.5 g of fish oil per day, and 1. 1.5 g for adults.

If the rabbit is pregnant, the dose is increased to 2.5 g, and the female is given 3–3.5 g during lactation.


The worst option is if the rabbits have festering eyes due to myxomatosis. Why? It is useless to treat sick animals, most often rabbits die. The causative agent of the disease is a virus that does not make itself felt 4-10 days. Its fleas, mosquitoes and other insects carry it. The rabbit becomes infected from a sick animal.

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Why rabbits can fester eyes

Myxomatosis in a rabbit is often fatal


There are two types of this disease: edematous form and nodular.

Symptoms of the edematous form:

  • watery eyes;
  • purulent conjunctivitis appears;
  • swollen nasal cavity;
  • cones are formed.

The rabbit is sluggish, his ears are falling, he is not eating anything. After 10 days he dies.

Symptoms of nodular form:

At the very beginning of the disease, nodules appear on the ears, near the nose and eyes, which then disappear. The probability of survival with this form is much higher.

  • purulent conjunctivitis;
  • the rabbit does not see anything, because his eyelids stick together;
  • severe runny nose;
  • wheezing.


Myxomatosis is a serious disease. If it is found, then the farm is quarantined. If no action is taken, the entire population of rabbits will die. This disease can be cured only in the early stages. For this, antibiotics and immunomodulators are prescribed. But there is little chance of recovery; only individuals with strong immunity survive.

Why rabbits can fester eyes

Myxomatosis can be cured only at an early stage

Other diseases

These are not all eye diseases in rabbits. There are others. dacryocystitis. But this disease is rare in rabbits. This is an obstruction of the lacrimal canal.

Or it happens that an animal’s tooth began to grow in the wrong direction (this can be seen in the picture). Then the root of the tooth grows into the jaw and presses on the orbit, the eye festering.

Sometimes the reason for the appearance of pus is the incorrect location of the cell: the animal sits on a draft.

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Also, discharge is due to chlamydia. This disease is asymptomatic, but there are exacerbations, especially in the spring and summer: there are discharge from the nose and eyes. There are other symptoms: early miscarriages, the death of newborn rabbits, etc. The treatment of this disease is best entrusted to a veterinarian, especially since he must first make a diagnosis by taking tests.

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